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H.Prime 2

Empowers junior doctors and assessorswith learning, resourcesharing and assessment

H.Prime 2 is an online e-portfolio and assessment platform designed to promote and reinforce self-directed learning of junior doctors in the hospital environment. It not only manages but enforces the timely submissions of forms and documents. With our dynamic form module, your administrator can design various standard forms which are required for junior doctors during their training. H.Prime 2 gives you many pre-built forms such as Mini-CEX, Case Based Discussion, Direct Observation of Procedural Skill, Multisource Feedback, 360 Self Assessment and End of Term Assessment.


Modular Extensible Customisable

With H.Prime 2 working for your organisation, any supervisor or administrator can access relevant junior doctor portfolios, forms, check what training requirements are outstanding for junior doctors, submit supervisor forms, share resources and communicate via email and instant message functionality. Additional modules overleaf, can further enhance H.Prime 2‘s functionality and value for your organisation.

H.Prime 2

Affordabilitycombined withunparalleled capability

H.Prime 2 provides a simple affordable subscription plan to be cost-effective for all healthcare organisations irrespective of size or operation. Although designed as an off-the-shelf product, H.Prime 2's range of features and capability rival any propriety system - at a fraction of the cost.


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