H.Prime 2

Empowers junior doctors and assessorswith learning, resourcesharing and assessment

H.Prime 2 is an online e-portfolio and assessment platform designed to promote and reinforce self-directed learning of junior doctors in the hospital environment. It not only manages but enforces the timely submissions of forms and documents. With our dynamic form module, your administrator can design various standard forms which are required for junior doctors during their training. H.Prime 2 gives you many pre-built forms such as Mini-CEX, Case Based Discussion, Direct Observation of Procedural Skill, Multisource Feedback, 360 Self Assessment and End of Term Assessment.

Integrated servicesSave time and money.

Using multiple applications for similar functions can create unnecessary delays and data inconsistencies. H.Prime 2's sophisticated range of functions includes planning, communication, resources and learning planners. H.Prime 2 can even integrate easily into existing systems (such as a Learning Management System) for greater functionality.

H.Prime 2
H.Prime 2

Hosted in Australia

H.Prime 2 is hosted in world's best Microsoft Azure data centres in Australian regions for the best in speed and safety. The platform uses gold-standard AES-128 encryption, advanced firewalls, and scheduled backups to provide peace of mind for your organisation's sensitive information. H.Prime 2 is also developed using the latest in web technology: powerful, modern and available on all devices - from desktop computers through to tablets and phones.

Integrating H.Prime2 with any Learning Management System

H.Prime 2 is not a Learning Management System (LMS), but rather an Online Learning and E-portfolio System designed to enhance learning. It can integrate with any LMS and work in parallel by providing a more focused scope of medical education and training for your organisation.

H.Prime 2
H.Prime 2

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